Thursday, July 1, 2010

God's will

The hardest thing to except out of of life is His will. How many bad things happen to all of us and we have to believe it happened for a reason. What is the only thing that stands in the way of God's path for us. Free will. It says in the bible that God knows what our life holds for us before we are even born. Now that is hard to understand. All the bad things in our lives had been foreseen before they happened. Hard to except but not so if you believe not in that they happened because he chose them to but he knew the choices we all would make. It's not just our choices that effect our lives but those around us and thier choices effect us as well. I don't believe for one second God would let those things happen but free will is what God gave to all of us and even though he knew what decisions would be made, even if they were hurting us He always gave us a way out. God's path is striaght but our free will makes it bend all the time. Bad things happen and though He might not be able to stop it He always put His hand out to guide us through. Its still hard to grasp but I wouldn't be who I am if the events in my life did not take place. Good or bad I am who I am because of his plan. I am where He wants me to be and who He made me to be. Through all my hardships I have become a man fool of love and very little anger. Although I have every right to be angry for what people have done to me He has given me the gift of His love so that I might give that love to others. God bless us all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


A child who needs you,
A child confused in what is done.
Father where are you,
Father what is to come?
A child not yet knowing
A child lost in his earthly life.
Father why aren't you showing,
Father why is there so much strife?
A child growing in humility!
A child shamed and full of disgust!
Father where is my stability,
Father what have you done with my trust?
I am that lonesome child
I am the one who feels betrayed.
Who is the one I call Father?
The one from whom I have strayed.
God, you are my Father, why do I feel so forsaken?
God, my Father, is it just me who is mistaken?

Being my first blog I thought I would start with a poem that shows my struggles and conflicts with God. As I continue to post you will see the changes that have taken place through Him.

"'I will heal my people and let them enjoy abundant peace and security' says the Lord" Jeremiah 33:6